How does it work?

How do we do it?

• We convert your old plastic debit/credit card into metal (stainless steel).

• We transplant the EMV chip from your plastic card to your new metal card. We also transfer the data from your magnetic stripe to the metal card.

• You will have a fully functional metal credit card (swipe and EMV chip), except for the tap and pay feature. You can certainly use your smartphone for tap and pay.

  • Step 1

    create your card

    Select the design that you like the most from our catalog and send your order

  • Step 2

    Mail your card

    Once you submit your order, mail your card to us at PO Box 550 Ceiba, Puerto Rico 00735. We will safely receive your order in approximately 2 - 3 days

  • Step 3

    We create design and transfer the data

    Using our proprietary technology, we transfer the data from your EM chip and magnetic stripe to your newly personalized credit card.

  • Step 4

    Receive your card

    We'll convert your card to metal with the information you provide and send it to you.