Frequent questions

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How do we do it?

1. Simply place your order online.
2. You will then receive a confirmation email.
3. We will laser your desired design onto the metal card
4. Place your plastic card in any envelope and affix the label to the envelope and mail it.
5. We will receive your card in 2-3 business days.
6. Upon receipt, we will remove the EMV chip from your plastic card and transplant it onto the metal card. We then transfer the data from the magnetic stripe to the metal card from your plastic card. This will take us 1-2 days.
7. Once completed, we will email you a photo of your card and the tracking number of your new metal card. Will ship the same day via USPS Priority Mail (Fedex for international orders).
8. You will receive your new metal card together with the old plastic one.
9. Don't forget to tag us!

Does it work at ATMs and everywhere?

• It is not recommended to use these metallic cards in ATMs or any machine that requires the card to be fully inserted into the reader. The problem with some of these machines is that the metal card is too stiff for the rollers to eject the card properly. The card could get stuck in these machines. It is only recommended in machines where the card is inserted but there is a part of the card still exposed to be able to grab it in case it gets stuck.
• Your original plastic card will continue to work at ATMs without the EMV chip. ATMs will be reading the magnetic stripe on your plastic card. Therefore, it is preferable to use your plastic card at ATMs or your smartphone.

• You can also set your smartphone to use contactless (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) to access ATMs. A bank representative will surely help you with that if you ask.
• If your metal card gets stuck in these machines, go to the branch with your identification to claim your card.
• Your new metal card should work everywhere your plastic card works, as the only difference now is that the EMV chip casing is no longer on your plastic card, but on a metal card. Remember, your credit card is the EMV chip and not the plastic casing that surrounds it.

Does the tap and pay feature still work?

• No, he will not. But you can always use your smartphone to enable "tap and pay" with your phone if this is something you'd like to keep.

Does the magnetic stripe work?

• Yes, we transfer the data from your plastic card to the metal card.

How safe is the process?

• LoveCreating GUARANTEES that this process is safe or your money back.
• LoveCreating will also cover any charges incurred by your bank for your bank card replacement if your card information is compromised during the time we process your order.

What if my bank reissues a debit or credit card due to possible association with fraud at known retail stores that have been compromised?

• We will send you a replacement card if such things happen within the first 30 days of receiving your card. Please contact us directly at to process a claim.